SSR Match Style Ice Rod Guide Kits

Size: 16-12-8-6-6-6
Color: Black
Sale price$10.49



These match style spinning guide kits offer much higher frames that are designed to create a faster line transition from the reel to guide train that quickly removes line slap and increases line control. Ice fisherman gravitate to these guide sets as a way to transition from their reel down to the blank over a very short distance. The added height of Match Style guides allow anglers to choose a smaller guide size to reduce overall weight while maintaining positive transition down to the running guides. Fisherman who spend long hours on the ice will appreciate the double-swaged insert for its larger opening as well as its durability when needing to clear ice buildup during fishing. Whether vertical jigging spoons with in-line reels for panfish or dropping large shiners for aggressive northerns, these CRB SSR Guides have the technology to exceed expectations and the durability to outlast any fish.


  • CRB SSR Stainless Steel Concept-Style Spinning Guides
  • Double-swaged insert is sealed into the frame for durability
  • Minimal design reduces overall rod weight
  • Pre-ground feet for easy wrapping
  • Specifically designed Ice Set
  • Hook keeper included
  • Available in Black, Black and Polished, Gunsmoke or Polished
  • Industry-leading 1-year limited warranty

SSR Ice Guide Kit Contents

16-6 Set 16-12-8-6-6-6
20-6 Set 20-12-8-6-6-6

SSR Guides by CRB

CRB has been one of the most trusted names in rod building tools, equipment and accessories for years. Now, the CRB brand is proud to offer the same level of dedication, innovation and quality into a fully comprehensive rod component line. Combining affordability and value with the utmost strength and durability, the SSR Guides by CRB are engineered with stainless steel frames and a double swaged stainless steel insert rings for virtually impact proof performance. The minimal design of the SSR Guides creates a lighter overall guide train with thinner rings that produce a larger opening to easily pass leader knots and swivels without damaging fishing line, braid, or the SSR ring itself. Plus, four sleek frame finish options: Black, Black and Polished, Gunsmoke or Polished.

The stainless steel ring of the SSR Guide creates a thinner insert ring with a larger opening that eliminates friction while casting and retrieving fishing line or braid. Featuring a double swaged design, the SSR ring is sealed into the frame with impenetrable strength and security for the ultimate ring retention and durability.

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