Mandrel for handle turning

Size: .250
Sale price$15.16


ALPS continues the tradition of high-quality customization for grips. Providing you professional-grade tools that will satisfy rod builders and give them a competitive advantage. ALPS cork and EVA shaping tools will allow you to customize any cork or EVA handle.

These mandrels are made of the highest quality material and will make the turning grip easy and stress-free. Mandrels do not include collars and must be purchased separately

CT-Mandrel-.250 Mandrel SS303 L: 16" OD: .250"
CT-Mandrel-.3125 Mandrel SS303 L: 16" OD: .3125"
CT-Mandrel-.390 Mandrel SS303 L: 16" OD: .390"
CT-Mandrel-.449 Mandrel SS303 L: 16" OD: .449"

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