Immortal Walleye Spinning rod Blanks

Model: IMMWS62L
Sale price$101.99



When designing and developing the Walleye and popping blank models, the Jaguar team worked with walleye professionals and inshore guides and pros to create some top-notch models. These two series incorporate our custom RX8 graphite material made by Toray and cover all the common applications needed for both walleye and inshore situations.

• RX8 Graphite Blend
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Light, Strong, and Sensitive
• Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power
• Pinnacle Balance of Ultra-High Modulus
• Extra Fast and Fast Actions
• Stunning Titanium Chrome Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


IMMWS62L Titanium Chrome 6'2" 1 4-10lb 1/16-1/4oz 0.355 4 F L 0.8oz Light jigging/Micro Crankbaits/Split Shot Livebait Presentations
IMMWS62MXF Titanium Chrome 6'2" 1 6-15lb 3/16-5/8oz 0.422 4 XF M 1.2oz Vertical Jigging/Blade baits/3way rigs
IMMWS68MXF Titanium Chrome 6'8" 1 6-14lb 3/16-1/2oz 0.457 4.5 XF M 1.7oz Vertical Jigging/Crankbaits/All Purpose
IMMWS72ML Titanium Chrome 7'2" 1 6-12lb 1/8-3/8oz 0.468 4 F ML 1.7oz Riggin' rod/Slip bobbers/Light jigs
IMMWS76ML Titanium Chrome 7'6" 1 6-12lb 1/8-3/8oz 0.477 4.5 F ML 1.7oz Riggin' rod/Slip bobbers/Light jigs

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