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Forecast Carbon Fiber Grips- fighting butts

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If you have been searching for the best-woven carbon fiber wrapped grips on the planet? Your search has ended! The Jaguar Design team in conjunction with some great design engineers has created the best grips available today. So why are ours better? We thought you would never ask!

We first start with the highest quality foam produced by the best suppliers in the world. Our foam cores are void of any air pockets that can weaken and decrease sensitivity. This is a common problem that can plague grip designs utilizing foam cores. Next, we developed a proprietary gluing process that secures the seamless woven sleeve to the inner core. This process eliminates core to sleeve slippage that plagues many designs on the market. The end result is a light, strong, and sensitive grip. They are super easy to ream, will not absorb water, and are UV stable. What’s not to like?

FCCCFB-2 Foam / Carbon Sleeve 35.052 1.38 29.845 1.175 9.525 0.375 Fighting Butt
FCFB1.75-375 Foam / Carbon Sleeve 44.45 1.75 26.924 1.06 9.525 0.375 Fighting Butt
FCFB2.5-350 Foam / Carbon Sleeve 63.5 2.5 26.924 1.06 8.89 0.35 Fighting Butt