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CRB Syringes with Sealing Caps Kit

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Makes measuring and storing epoxy a breeze!

To help ease the epoxy mixing woes, we have paired the CRB Syringes and the self sealing bottle caps together!

The CRB syringes come in 3cc or 10cc sizes so no job is too big or small to make sure you get the correct 50/50 mixture. As the ultimate compliement to your syringes the self sealing bottle caps help get the most out of your epoxy by fitting tightly inside the epoxy finish bottle while accepting both size syringes to allow you to draw the proper amount of finish.

When not using your syringes or finish, the syringes can remain in the self sealing caps to keep your work bench neat and clean.

Product Sizing:
20mm – fits 1oz bottles only.
24mm – fits 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, bottles