CRB Pro Inletting Tool

Sale price$47.96


Cut a perfect inlet every time.

The CRB PRO inletting tool offers easy use when paired with a high-speed drill or lathe. This versatile tool is equipped with interchangeable blades specifically designed for inletting grips with various up- locking seat diameters, including .760, .810, .850, .900, and .950.

The front guide shaft is designed to fit into the 6mm anodized aluminum sleeve, providing a clean and precise cut. The aluminum sleeve has been engineered to fit inside the common .250” inner diameter cork grips, although it can be arbored with tape to accommodate larger grip sizes.

What sets this tool apart is its extended shaft, which serves to stabilize the cutting process. This feature ensures that rod builders can consistently achieve flawless inlets with every use. Beautifully finished in CRB PRO Blue anodized aluminum, this set includes a zippered case, a hex key for blade changes and extra set screws.

Details: Comes with 5 blade sizes.

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