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Carbon ICE Rod Grip

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Look no further if you want your next custom ice rod build to feature the lightest, most sensitive ice rod grip on the planet! Patterned after our phenomenally successful Forecast Carbon grips, we added this new carbon ice rod design. The closed-celled foam core is hard, yet easily reamable, and transmits even the slightest vibrations. This new grip features custom molded rings that allow the user to mount their reel with the supplied silicone rings, eliminating the need for taping on reels. This new Forecast Carbon ICE grip is a must use on any high-quality ice rod build! Rings and EVA butt cap are included.


SKU: Inner Diameter: Outer Diameter: Length: Rear OD: Application: Front OD: Vendor Sku:
Forecast_FCIRG5.5-125 3.175(mm) 0.125(in) 25.4(mm) 1.0(in) 139.7 / 5.5 25.4(mm) 1.0(in) EVA 19.53(mm) 0.769(in) FCIRG5.5-125