APEX Spinning Reel Seat.

Size: 16
Style: Standard hood
Insert type: No Insert
Sale price$8.99


G2 APEX Exposed Ergonomic Spin Seat + 1K Insert

  • Sizes 16 & 17 mm are available
  • Ergonomic Spinning and Casting designs
  • Exclusive Uni-Hood and Uni-Lock Hood
  • 1K, 3K, or Bushido carbon insert options
Item # I.D.  Rear O.D. Length
APEX-16 .60" (16mm) .710" (18mm) 4.85" (123.2mm)
APEX-16-ULH .60" (16mm) .710" (18mm) 4.85" (123.2mm)
APEX-17 .67" (17mm) .78" (20mm) 5.13" (130.4mm)
APEX-17-ULH .67" (17mm) .78" (20mm) 4.95" (125.9mm)

*Add “-3K” or “-BU” to the end of any G2 Reel Seat item # to include one of the inserts listed below.

Bushido 3K Fits Reel Seat
RSI-2-BU RSI-2-3K G2 E-Seat & X2 Seats
RSI-1-BU RSI-1-3K G2 Apex, Vibe & Wave Seats

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