Aluminum Winding Checks for G2 Carbon Handle Split Grips

color: Black
Size: 9
Sale price$3.99


These all-new winding checks are designed to work with American Tackle's new Split Grip G2 Carbon Handle System. Offered in 3 trim finishes and a wide range of IDs.
Colors: Silver, Gloss Black or Matte Black


Gloss Black Matte Black Silver I.D. O.D. Tenon O.D.
G2HSGWC-9-B G2HSGWC-9-MB G2HSGWC-9-S 9.0mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-9.5-B G2HSGWC-9.5-MB G2HSGWC-9.5-S 9.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-10-B G2HSGWC-10-MB G2HSGWC-10-S 10mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-10.5-B G2HSGWC-10.5-MB G2HSGWC-10.5-S 10.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-11-B G2HSGWC-11-MB G2HSGWC-11-S 11mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-11.5-B G2HSGWC-11.5-MB G2HSGWC-11.5-S 11.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-12-B G2HSGWC-12-MB G2HSGWC-12-S 12mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-12.5-B G2HSGWC-12.5-MB G2HSGWC-12.5-S 12.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-13-B G2HSGWC-13-MB G2HSGWC-13-S 13mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-13.5-B G2HSGWC-13.5-MB G2HSGWC-13.5-S 13.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-14-B G2HSGWC-14-MB G2HSGWC-14-S 14mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-14.5-B G2HSGWC-14.5-MB G2HSGWC-14.5-S 14.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-15-B G2HSGWC-15-MB G2HSGWC-15-S 15mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-15.5-B G2HSGWC-15.5-MB G2HSGWC-15.5-S 15.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-16-B G2HSGWC-16-MB G2HSGWC-16-S 16mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-16.5-B G2HSGWC-16.5-MB G2HSGWC-16.5-S 16.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-17-B G2HSGWC-17-MB G2HSGWC-17-S 17mm 19.4mm 18mm

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