ALPS Y-Guide TIY (Titanium)

Size: TIYTZG25
Sale price$34.63


If lightweight guides are what you want for your next fishing rod, the ALPS Y guides in titanium are the guides for you. ALPS Y guides are up to 30% lighter than the equivalent SS316 frame with 100% corrosion proof. ALPS designed these Y guides specifically for spinning rods from ultra-light to medium power, so you can feel confident these guides will get the job done. ALPS Y guides have the properly designed angular frame that provides added strength to make this one of the best guides to date. ALPS continues to up the standard with single foot designs with pre-ground feet making wrapping a snap. The custom thin zirconium ring makes these some of the lightest available. The guides are tumbled in custom sized media to smooth out all edges. These are some of the most beautiful guides on the market to date.

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