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ALPS Drying machine with spring loaded rod stand

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ALPS drying machine is perfect for the rod builder who has multiple rod builds at one time. Used primarily as a stand-alone drying machine allows the finish to set and dry in one easy step. Once the finish coat is applied, the ALPS drying machine is set for a perfect level finish. The self-centering chuck will hold a blank up to 1 ½” in diameter and the spring-loaded roller arm will ensure your rod will not come out. The ALPS drying machine comes with one fully adjustable rod stand with ball bearings and spins at a speed of 30-36 RPM’s and is bi-directional. Additional rod stands available to purchase for longer rod build applications.


Featured Highlights

Exclusive by ALPS

Unique and Innovative

Self Centering Chuck

Drying Motor

One Fully Adjustable Rod Stand

Rod Stand Comes With Ball Bearings

30-36 RPM Drying Speed

Bi-directional Motor

Available in 110v