Ken started Hogman’s Custom Rods, out of a passion for fishing. He wanted to share his expertise, not only as a fisherman but as a purveyor of excellent quality fishing equipment.

Ken wanted to provide fishing tools and equipment needed for any kind of fishing, so anyone who comes to Hogman’s Custom Rods can pick up a rod and fish, knowing they are doing it with the right equipment.


Hogman’s has it all, reel seats, carbon fibre grips, high-quality tip tops, Whatever you may need, we have put hours of research into finding the best parts and even put them to the test.

After years of struggling to find reliable and quick shipping of components to Canada, we knew what we had to do.

We believe that buying components for your next rod build should be simple and quick.

"Get out on the water with the equipment you can trust, Hogman’s Custom Rods."

Ken has fished all his life. As a tournament fisherman and a fishing guide for many years, Ken’s skills and expertise, along with his know-how are paramount when starting fishing or just looking to upgrade your fishing equipment.

You could call Ken a fishing fanatic, and he doesn’t just like fishing he values it. Fishing has provided Ken with time to spend in nature with his family.

These moments are a time to bond and enjoy the serenity of nature that wouldn’t have been possible without fishing. Ken wants to share his passion, he wants to ignite that fire in others.

He wants to not only inspire this feeling but give the tools to do it as well. That’s why Ken started Hogman’s Custom Rods, in order to bring that passion to anybody and everyone who wants it. 


“Fishing is more than just a hobby or a pastime. It is a way to connect with nature, with my family, my friends. When you get out there on the water, life sort of stops, worries, anxieties all come to the surface and they don’t seem so big. It’s a break from everything.”

- Ken Bellaire


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