Hogman’s Custom Rods – The One Stop Shop for the Discerning Fisher

Is there anything better than getting out on the lake on a balmy spring day early in the dewy morning, knowing that you’re only minutes away from getting your first bite of the season? There is one thing better: doing it with a custom fishing rod assembled with high quality lightweight reel and guides, perfect for your game!

Hogman’s Custom Rods is a local custom fishing rod builder with years of experience creating and assembling fishing rods for many happy customers. Hogman’s customers are dedicated and keen fishers who opt out of buying generic fishing rods in favour of a customized one built by hand by someone who has their needs in mind. And for those who enjoy building fishing rods themselves, Hogman’s has an array of premium fishing rod components not found in stores.

Hogman’s Custom Rod Builder

Hogman’s adds a unique personal touch to building fishing rods. With a wide selection of the best fishing rod blanks, handles, grips, reels, and guides, each custom fishing rod is a one-of-a-kind piece designed and guided by the customer according to their ideal specifications for a number of important considerations, such as the body of water (lake or stream), storage and portability, and the client’s budget.

The client can then choose the right parts from a wide variety of custom fishing rod blanks for spinning, bait caster, and fly rods; custom cork grips or EVA rubber foam grips; double and single-foot guides; a selection of frame and ring materials; and many others that can cater to your target fish species and its habitat.


Hogman’s isn’t just a one-stop fishing rod builder, but also stocks every conceivable fishing rod component accessory you need. Whether you’re replacing or customizing, Hogman’s sells accessories suited to what you fish, your budget, and your comfort zone.

Custom Rod Blanks

Whether you’re looking for a rigid blank or flexible blank, baitcaster or spinning, Hogman’s carries the best fishing rod blanks available. Choose from top names like American Tackle, Rainshadow, and PacBay in varying degrees of action and power.


Comfort is key when you’re holding a rod all day and you’ve got leverage against you. Every rod builder knows to save strain on your hands, wrists, and forearms with the right grips. Hogman’s stocks an inventory of carbon fiber grips, cork and EVA in various lengths and configurations. Whatever your needs, Hogman’s stock the grip you need to compliment you next custom fishing rod build.


Hogman’s has the latest designs in guides for custom fishing rods. Stainless steel guides or titanium guides are perfect for rod builders or fishers who want to upgrade from factory components that do not focus on quality. Check out Hogman’s selection of guides from top brands like American Tackle and Alps/Forecast.


The powerhouse of any custom rod, Hogman’s stocks premium quality American Tackle Prostaff reels. These baitcasting reels are made of carbon fiber, and are 22% lighter than traditional baitcasting reels, optimized for left- and right-hand retrieve.


Represent your respect for the best custom fishing rod builder in style with Hogman’s line of custom apparel. Comfortable and warm, this gear is the ultimate functional accessory on the lake.


Building fishing rods and dealing in only the highest brand components is the passion and lifeblood of Hogman’s Custom Rods. Hogman’s is local, Canadian, independently-owned, and does everything in-house. Click here to learn more and follow Hogman’s on Facebook.